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Online course
by Bombo LegÜero

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7 classes / chapters 
Quality audio and HD video
Unlimited access
PDF with exercises and Tracks specially created for practice
You can start the course whenever you want, and do it at your own pace!
We work on 4 Argentine folk rhythms: Zamba, Chacarera, Bailecito and Cueca.
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What will you learn  in this grade?

-Argentine Folk Rhythms in the Bombo Legüero

-Instrument Technique

-Formal structures of each species Folklorica

-Song accompaniment

Which are the requirements  to take this course?

-It is not necessary to have previous experience with music

-It is not necessary to have the instrument

(You can practice with another similar instrument or build one at home, with a bucket or pan)

How do you access the Course?

Once the payment is made, an email will arrive at your mailbox. From that moment you will be able to have access from this web page, where the complete course is hosted. with videos and additional material. You will find in the Menu of the page a "Start Course" tab. 

You can start it whenever you want and do it at your own pace. You have unlimited access for 2 years.

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